All around safety with DG-360

With DG-360 you're increasing the level of safety within your company in a big way. Capptions and DG-30 have partnered up to provide a software platform with which it's possible to work with the newest technology without having to be an expert. It also ensures that your safety management system is always up to scratch when it comes to compliance. 

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The value of the DG-360 platform:

  • The possibility to equip your safety management system with the newest technology
  • Real-time insight into the safety status of your workfloor
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Always up-to-date with rules and regulations
  • Transition from paper-based to digital processes
  • Stressless audits
  • Clear dashboard from work floor to boardroom 


About Capptions
Capptions is an EHS software solution for QHSE and EHS managers. 

About DG-360
Our vision: One safety management standard that enables and guarantees the desired level of safety for companies that deal with dangerous goods.

With that, it our mission to help companies redefine their safety management systems and to integrate it with compliance in an innovative way. This way it effortlessly becomes party of the day-to-day operations. DG-360 wants to connect the work floor with management in order to increase awareness and insight into all aspects of safety in an effort to reduce risk.

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