Maintenance 4.0 with the Stell Inspections app

Stell Inspections makes every smartphone the ideal partner for the maintenance process. The tags with Auto-ID function provide the optimal starting point to identify your installation parts and equipment. Templates in the app guide technicians flawlessly through your workflow.

Receive the Stell Inspections information package:

  1. Free NFC tag to test with
  2. Catalogue from Stell 
  3. Free trial of the Stell Inspections App

The added value of Maintenance 4.0 with Stell:

  • Stell's NFC- en RFID-tags activate digital processes;
  • Auto-ID components enable error-free data collection for greater reliability;
  • Employees, app and tag for a closed circuit;
  • Save resources through paperless processes;
  • Increased efficiency and real-time insight into the results of your work.



About Capptions

Capptions is an EHS software solution for QHSE managers.

About Stell

Since 1973, Stell has established themselves as a modern group of medium-sized companies on the market for labelling and signage solutions. Providing comprehension, safety and orientation in buildings and plants is their primary goal.

High-quality materials and distinct industry knowledge in the fields of energy, chemicals and industry ensure that the working environment is clear-cut and safe for personnel and employees.

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